Our Mission

Connecting musicians locally and globally through social posting, streaming, distribution, contests, and free editing.

All In One

By providing the base functionality of many different music sites we are cutting out middlemen for people who can't afford thousand dollar DAWs, upfront distribution fees, and travel to work together/compete. But for artists with all of that, they can find value in working with others on the platform. We take a flat 15% of revenue generated and the rest is shared equally by collaborators up to their minimum threshold. If Richard posts a guitar riff with 0% minimum then Jane collaborates each will get 42.5% on Jane's downloads/distribution. Richard will also keep 85% of downloads/distribution of his original post. If Richards minimum threshold was 50%, he would have 85% of the original and 50% on Jane's. Jane would get 35% on her repost. When percentage runs out, collaboration is no longer possible, but users can go back to Richard's original post or iterations before percentage ran out to collaborate.

Tackling 3 Main Issues of Early Musicians

Sticking out from the crowd, finding talent to work with, and not being squeezed by all of the players in the music industry.

Built By Musicians For Musicians

The original idea came from not being able to find a drummer for a high school band. From interviews with musicians in St. Louis, Nashville, and San Diego, more features were added to make the platform what it is today. Special thanks to EMAN8, Adara, Xavi, Serbsican, D.R.U., We Are Warm, and Amanda Page Cornett for their expertise.