Bringing Local and Worldwide Artists Together Through Music Collaboration

Every track on our platform is editable. Add anything to it, reshare it, and make royalties on everything!

How It Works:

If I'm the best guitarist in the world, but I don't have anyone to jam with, I probably cannot have the best track in the world. But if I share the best riff in the world on Collaboarator, the best vocalist can pick it up and turn it into something much better. Then the best bassist, drummer, audio engineer, and so on.

And this process can happen an infinite number of times. It only takes one mix to make something explode, but all remixes will generate revenue!

All I do is upload my riff one time and everyone else in the world does the "hard work" of making it better and sharing it with more people.

Click "Collaborate On This Track" and the audio will load into the editor for you to edit.

Why We Do This:

People listen to the same track on Spotify more than 30 times in a row sometimes. Imagine if there were 2 mixes of the same song that varied slightly. If the person liked the first one they will probably like the second one and could potentially listen to each 20 times for a combined stream of 40. It's for this reason remixes exist!

An infinite number of remixes is infinite opportunity for music artists and we want to help spread this idea.

We receive royalties on every purchase, so we want your tracks and collaborations to work as much as you do.

In Addition:

Finding music you like through the GPS feed gives you the opportunity to meet with any of these people in real life. They live near you!

If someone doesn't add anything to the track, but spreads it to their followers that is value in itself. More listeners and more chances for revenue.

We will seek out A-List musicians to give you a chance to work on their songs. This will bring massive exposure to your name and massive revenue.